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General business Terms and Conditions.


General information:

This website is powerd by Service Provider (hereinafter: "S10M", "provider", "service-provider", "we", "our"). The following terms and conditions regulates the contractual relationship between Service-Provider and its users and customers (hereinafter referred to as: "user", "you") of the online offer. These conditions shall be the only mode of using services of S10M. The offer is defined by a directory service (hereinafter referred to as: "service", "offer"), with which external producers (hereinafter: "actors", "producers", "performer") can present to the visitors of our web service (you) they can get in direct contact with each other by dedicated integrated tools of our service. The service-provider offers to the user various, partly payable, possibilities for data exchange. Secured area-sited exchanges of erotic and non-erotic but explicit legal contents are also permitted. The main focus resides on the S10M-paid community experience.


I. Subject of Contract, description and scope of performance


Scope of application:

The general terms and conditions of the service provider are to be applied and valid within the scope of the entire web-offer and all services, portal-wide. Performers, additional terms and conditions are given under ("III."). 

The service provider S10M can change these general terms and conditions at any time. The user is pointed out by e-mail or even by popp-up window in the user area. A user has the possibility to object to the changes within a two-week period. If the User does not object to the changes within this period, the amended, new General Terms and Conditions shall apply as from the date of the deadline.

Majority Definition:

Persons who have not reached the age of eighteen or who are not considered to be majority in their home country, minors and persons resident in the S10M country of residence are excluded from the use of this website. If, for S10M, the reasonable suspicion that a person is unauthorized to participate for non-predefined reasons, the administration of this website is entitled to carry out an identity check, the submission of official papers for examination, ID-shots and the like are common measures. Non-eligible persons are excluded from the offer.

Services and Offers:

The service provider allows users to access their own database system, which can be accessed via various S10M-owned domains. This database system contains profiles, information, and data from producers and actors (text, image, sound, video, webcam and streams) and other users. After logging into the database, users can search for, view, communicate and interact with them; also they may access their contents and data. The content, nature and duration transmitted and other data provided to the user is solely the responsibility of the performer. S10M provides both free and paid services. The user will be informed first of payable content and services, as well as about the binding price and terms of payment, before providing these services.


In addition to this portal, S10M also operates similar other portals, among other topics and other domains, based on its own or third-party content. In order to provide the user with the largest possible number of subscriber profiles, content and topic diversity. S10M enables users of all their own web-offers to access their already existing profile and its offer, media, profiles, actors as well as services of the respective other portals. Performances of the performers are not services of the service provider against the user. The marking is made by the performer either in the form of a fixed price or by a price per minute. Furthermore, S10M does not adopt the content of any actor, which are offered and marketed with its own content similar. As far as the user makes use of the performer offer, the contract is made exclusively and directly between user and the performer. S10M will only assist the performer in providing a performance of the contractual relationship between user and performer. S10M may at any time consult partners, subcontractors or other third parties for services connected with the operation of the service.

Liability of the service provider:

The provider does not guarantee the continuous, unrestricted availability of the community, but we strive to maintain the online offer to the fullest satisfaction and to ensure as high a percentage of online time as possible. Intermittent malfunctions or interruptions to S10M services may result from force majeure or technical changes (maintenance, interruptions for offline backups, software updates, migration of data, etc.). S10M will make every reasonable effort to ensure the uninterrupted retrieval of our services. The availability of our services is limited to availability with minor impairments.

Information of Exploitation:

Using the website, a free registration is required which serves the identification of any user as well as being understood as confirmation to these general terms and conditions. After having confirmed your email address, a free contract between S10M and the user has been concluded. The user is obligated to provide true information on his person during his registration and further use of the service. The user has to protect the access login before acquiring third parties, in particular minors. The user is fully responsible for any use of the services provided through the website, by using his particular user account and login. The user is obligated to lead his user account for own use only; accounts which are used jointly can be excluded. By completing a paid contract acquiring offered credit packages, the user is credited with an amount selected in the order process, credits are added to his or her individual profile account balance. The credit is managed in so-called credits at the exchange rate provided by the portal. The user can access the selected content or service for an amount displayed by the respective provider. Credits are consumed simultaneously with the access to the desired service and documented in their own overview. If the credit account has none or too to low credits, the use of payed content or services cannot be continued. Through the ordering process, the user can add additional credits to his credit account.

Blocking, Refund and Cancellation:

S10M is authorized at any time to block access of the user account to the service without the need for any reasons. This applies in particular if there is a suspicion that the user made false information during the registration, the applicable GTCs were violated if applicable laws were violated, or if payments have been refused or outstanding to us or our payment partners.

In case of being blocked as user by S10M, the service-provider is not obligated to respond but we will answer to any user request in text form (e-mail, for example), reasons, problems, or comments. In case of a definitive, clear blocking, credits and residual balance will not be considered. S10M is not obliged to provide any refund.

The User is entitled at any time to terminate the contractual relationship of free services. The cancellation is made by signing out the profile by letter or email. Upon completion of the contract, the user profile and related records will be deleted within a two-week period from receipt and approval, as far as legal requirements do not require storage. The contractual relationship on paid services must be terminated separately. It is not possible to pay out any remaining credits balance on termination.

Youth protection tools and related information:

With this list of links of filter software, you can filter out or even restrict access to unwanted websites, in the interest and in accordance with your needs, especially if minors are present in your household.


II. Behavior Disclaimer:

The User shall relieve S10M from liability and all other obligations, claims and expenses arising out of actions for which the User is responsible, as well as damages for infringement, infringement of author rights, personality or other rights of third parties, Failure of services to other users of this web-service.


Within this community strict rules apply which the user has to obey.

The S10M offer is intended exclusively for private users and is intended exclusively for private use only never for commercial purposes. By registering on a S10M portal, the user is obligated to do so.

The user is obligated to behave lawfully. No content (videos, pictures, stream, texts or live sequence) may be posted, offered, linked or made accessible that show minors or animals and/or objects generally associated with minors or animals, or which are otherwise contrary to the applicable provisions of the protection of young people and animals.

The user as well as the performer (producer) undertakes to treat all personal data of other persons, which they have obtained through the offered service, in a confidential manner. A user is obliged to keep confidential all sensitive information which he receives in connection with the use of this web-service.

It is forbidden to exchange personal contact data with each other in order to use it for communication purposes outside of the S10M web-service, it is strictly forbidden to advertise inside the community for any own or third party business that is not made through S10M intermediation. Any irregular behavior, regardless of whether it is an attempt or a successful enticement, is understood as enticing away users. An enticing suspected user is obliged to pay a contractual penalty of 500 euros for each infringement.

The service provider reserves the right to refuse publishing users contents, to request changes or to change them itself, if necessary.

No user is allowed to publish by profile or otherwise telephone numbers, address data, links or e-mail addresses.

Should a user violate one or more of these regulations, the service-provider reserves the right to terminate any contract without notice. Contraventions may result in a definitive suspension.

The service-provider assumes no responsibility for completeness or veracity in the database of guided profiles of the members or performers and their contents and intentions.


III. Actor (Publisher) Complement to the applicable User Terms and Conditions:


Scope of application:

The following terms and conditions regulates the contractual relationship between Service Provider (hereinafter: "S10M", "provider", "service-provider", "we", "our") and external producers (hereinafter: "actors", "author", "performer") as well as users who contribute by advertising. The following terms and conditions of business are valid as soon as you start using our service to offer own media and contents to our users and customers for sale and subsequent, explicit private use. Or if you, being a user of us, are advertising us through the integrated function to improve your personal account balance by New customer acquisition activities, credits charged by initial loading of new customers or resulting from sales promotions can be paid out after a short examination of your personal data and documents that are needed to be submitted. This offer is expressly addressed to full-time members with an available user account and disbursement account.

In principle both, user and performer terms and conditions apply to the producer as being primarily a user of our free services.

General Information:

The service provider provides the performer with the opportunity to create a profile as well as his/her own web presence by generating a website on a central database system operated by S10M. The created profile allows the performer to display both online and offline content (text, image, sound, video, webcam and streams), free of charge as well as fee-based, but also a communication system with integrated virtual attention system, as well as a feature that allow donation supporting (in the profile area). These offers and contents can be accessed by third parties, who are registered as users on various portals operated by S10M (hereinafter referred to as: "users", "users"). Access to their content may be chargeable to the User. In this case, the performer has a commission which varies depending on the portal and which can be found on the respective portal at the user update to performer state (producers). To provide the widest range of users, S10M allows users of their own web-services unrestricted access to relevant records, topics, media, profiles, actors, and services from the other portals - news system, webcam, streams, virtual attentions And donation system. S10M is not obligated to publish content which is questionable for unknown reasons. An actor is obligated to have third persons as well as himself verified before release of any content on submitting procedure uploading necessary official documents for the examination, ID-Shots,. The performer must be able to explicitly and at all times prove his / her right as author. S10M is forced to delete already published content or to reject new contents in case of irregularities. S10M cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with copyright laws by external producers. If S10M is deliberately in breach of the right of an uninvolved author by the affected actor, S10M is authorized to impose a penalty of 50000 euros.

Severability clause:

Should any partial or full part of the GTC be or become ineffective, the remaining clauses remain valid.