Welly Girl!

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It´s no secret, that I love finger games, the only thing I'm missing, is a small battery in my butt, to generate some vibration! I didn´t know, that technology has already thought of this problem! Hard to believe how "little things" I need to be happy!

DirtyJuliette Feb 17, 2017 80.39 MB 05:25s
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Is this forbidden??


Ohh how hot, we firts comforted each other that night, because we both got punked by our guys and cheaed by this lousy jerks, we just wanted to forget about them. We went to my appartment where we got very close to each other, as never before, first up intense vodka kisses, an...

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A day without wanking is a ...

A wankers life is hard .. especially when he notices everywhere he goes he is surrounded by pussies, everything starts in the morning on the way to work, like in the elevator, where you meet a couple fresh perfumed pussies, wow these scents and the narrowness there, grrr .. yo...

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Proteins for the teacher!


In all the years of practice I clearly lernd one thing. It´s all about motivation to teach someone something, no matter what group of age. Starting from the age of 18+ I have my own methods, first you have to get rid of something to make things go easier straight into your ...

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Peeing in Rubberboots!

Sometimes I'm obsessed by dirty doings, and if nobody is around, I have to do dirty stuff by my own.

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