Vacation Spoof !!!

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Attention! "Fake Entertainers" what a scam, this is common now!! Actually, quite a clever trick the guy came up with, to get me fucking with him and I took the bait dumb blonde bitch I am I fully fell for it. It is a real shame, because the next day, as I wanted to bounce it out to my girlfriends, to tell them I fucked with a trainer, I looked for him all over the hotel, but this guy was gone, just like disapeared from earth, but suddenly I found him; drunk, with sombrero and a couple of nacker-mates, they all layed on the beach in party mood! At this point I prefered to be sunk in the sand out of sheer shame, what a shit eh ..

DirtyJuliette Apr 30, 2017 231.02 MB 06:09s
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Horny bitch!


I´m keeping a very close relationship to that white sofa in my apartment, because everyone has a favorite place where he/she feels real comfortable for masturbating. I prefer this place because this room has many large windows where I already feel very observed, that gives me ...

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Follow me Son of a Bitch!!!


Only 25 minutes left to go for the honey-steam-bath!! But this doesn´t keep me back of going for a hot Quickie, just quickly grab the Guy and go upstairs to the gallery, where I get stuffed good and get my personal Cum - Therapy! The ideal complete-body relaxation!

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Begging like a whore for NU...

Exactly the way I like, when a guy is talking fucking dirty to me, as the juice trickles out of my cunt, without getting touched. And when I get to see the hard pulsating cock, I´m gona savage upon it like a cat. I already had the taste of NUTTS-juice in my mouth! And the only...

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Latex Bitch fucks her holes...

Do you like Horny Latex pussys and sexy high heels? Here, you're right honey,I´m wearing hot slutty latex lingerie and boots, and I´m heat you really up, filling my fucking holes with the Long heel pretty deep until the end. You will shot your load into my tight arsehole now!

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