Ouch, Discount by Anal!

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You should not really underestimate women, like the most rip off craftsmen do, they allready rub their hands out of joy when they enter a womans appartment. I could clearly see the sighns of money in his eyes when he checked the lightning Instalations, the price was pretty severe. But he did not known that in my previous life I used to be a bazaar-seller in Tunisia, hihihhi. Of corse, this guy was a real swine manured one, but fuck it: with increasing pain in my arse, I was aware that the price falls lower and lower.

DirtyJuliette Mar 13, 2017 76.87 MB 05:10s
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Anal Bitch!! (1st part)

Today you may fuck my Arse darling!! Yeah today I´m that fucking horney so I want to feel your stone hard Dick from behinde beeing your Private Anal Slut!!

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Another glass of champagne??

How was Friday night?? Had a great party, quite a lot drinking, but somehow still thirsty?? Need to continue celebration? Juliette kiss

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Balcony Strip with surprise!!

I know you are watching me for some time, but you did not expect my hot strip with a delicious surprise this morning. Thats life on vacation every day another animation program ;P

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Hotter than your woman in t...

Today I want to cook something nice for you my sweetheart.. Now tell me, what would you like to have.. because I decided to serve you a very special Dinner: spicy, aromatic, refined and full of passion! Well, I hope you enjoy....

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