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Such a mega bullshit, man again me.. why does it always score me??! I had found his online ad, he was looking for newcomer girls for the erotic industry to make them big, well I was so dumb, because after the battery of his camera got drained I anyway wanted to prove him that I am so absolutely ready for the a big breakthrough because of my stunning style of blowing and fucking, of course it was all for nothing, this Bastard did just want to get pleasured like a god for free, now I have to delay my erotic career to another day ;(

DirtyJuliette Jun 03, 2017 207.31 MB 05:33s
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Bare 3-hole StockingsBitch ...

Of course they all want to creampie me, if I anyway prefer bare sex. Ohh yes, but at first my mouth and my very tight asshole need to get horny fucked, all guys love me when I am moaning loud out of pain, that brings all my cheating horny guys to the top, no one gives a fuck a...

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Romanian Pimp fucks me on N...

One hour before midnight, all the party Guests had left the living room and went to the pool area. I was suddenly all alone with this guy. He turned me on a lot but I had no idea how he was earning his money. After that number, I can only hope that he has not already pre-booke...

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Cheap trick-hammered throug...

This time I´ve been pretty creative :D!!! I`ve invited this guy to spend a great football evening together, because his wife can´t stand football at all, me actually too ;), but my trick has worked perfectly and again a stranger´s dick bit the bait, my new Accessory had obviou...

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2 Bitches at once?

I tell you one thing; Houseparties are the ultimate experience, drinking, celebrating, fucking that`s on my list when I know I`m joining a house party. Well these first 2 points got pretty early checked and it got really late and everyone who was still in the house was in a me...

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