Doctor Doris helps!

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I truely expected a quiet and peaceful nightshift at the emergency call center, when suddenly the telephone was ringing and disturbing the silence. A helpless men´s groaning was on the line, and doctor Doris quickly jumped into the car, raised on the blue light and rushed to the needy outpatient!

DirtyJuliette Feb 16, 2017 78.14 MB 05:15s
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Horny bitch!


I´m keeping a very close relationship to that white sofa in my apartment, because everyone has a favorite place where he/she feels real comfortable for masturbating. I prefer this place because this room has many large windows where I already feel very observed, that gives me ...

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Plug my Socket!

Always Trouble with technology! Two days earlier, the office computer broke down, and after all this trouble even the phone line is defective! The E-technician´s unexpected visit was a great occasion to reduce a little frustration. I got really slutty and hot stuffed on my off...

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Hotter than your woman in t...

Today I want to cook something nice for you my sweetheart.. Now tell me, what would you like to have.. because I decided to serve you a very special Dinner: spicy, aromatic, refined and full of passion! Well, I hope you enjoy....

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Another glass of champagne??

How was Friday night?? Had a great party, quite a lot drinking, but somehow still thirsty?? Need to continue celebration? Juliette kiss

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