Cheap trick-hammered through by football fan!!

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This time I´ve been pretty creative :D!!! I`ve invited this guy to spend a great football evening together, because his wife can´t stand football at all, me actually too ;), but my trick has worked perfectly and again a stranger´s dick bit the bait, my new Accessory had obviously flashed him too, he might fuck and record me just as he dreamed of before, mission successfully, meow

DirtyJuliette May 28, 2017 225.56 MB 06:01s
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Screw mission! (Happy Birth...

The horny guy will definitly not forget this birthday as he got really crazy and freaky like a wild boar. His Willie just had to stuff my crevice for good, and everything without condom. Isn´t needed for birthday, mission accomplished! (2/2)

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Seductive little Bitch!

... the one who takes her load of cum before going to bed, and serves out happily the day!

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Pee-er up standing!! My bes...

There are two things I hate about men! If they shave their legs and pee up standing! However I had again a full house because friends visited me for my Name´s-Day, suddenly I caught a friend´s brother, as he just was happily and splashy trying, up standing to hit the bowl with...

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2 Bitches at once?

I tell you one thing; Houseparties are the ultimate experience, drinking, celebrating, fucking that`s on my list when I know I`m joining a house party. Well these first 2 points got pretty early checked and it got really late and everyone who was still in the house was in a me...

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